Quoth the Raven . . .

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Seeker of Truth

Dénouement:  the final outcome of the main dramatic complication in a literary work; the outcome of a complex sequence of events; the end result

Nothing is more clear than that every plot, worth the name, must be elaborated to its dénouement before any thing be attempted with the pen. It is only with the dénouement constantly in view that we can give a plot its indispensable air of consequence, or causation, by making the incidents, and especially the tone at all points, tend to the development of the intention.

Edgar Allan Poe - Portrait

In 1846, a year after “The Raven” was published, Edgar Allan Poe wrote “The Philosophy of Composition”, a prose essay explaining his famous poem. A friend and former employer of Poe’s, George Rex Graham (who had declined to be the first to print “The Raven” — a poem he didn’t like — the previous year), would publish the essay…

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Say a Little Prayer for You.

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I never really enjoyed church when I was growing up. The church experience comprised:

hard wooden pews, shiny and still smelling of polish.

itchy wool tights, and patent leather shoes.

few or no other children to play with afterwards.

hours out of my Sunday, which could have been better spent reading.

It was a boring, lonely, and uncomfortable experience, during which the priest would issue that invitation – ‘Let us pray’ – and everyone would bow heads and close eyes. I tried to pray, but it never seemed very real. Even then, I didn’t really feel like anyone was listening to me. Perhaps I was in the wrong church? Perhaps I was saying the wrong prayers? Or perhaps there really wasn’t anyone listening?

For whatever reason, I never found the relevance in church, so once I was able to, I stopped going. I don’t miss it, and I haven’t stepped…

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The Quiet Contemplation of Inactivity


Consistently Contradictory

Genevieve_Bell_The_Value_of_BoredomIf you are of a certain age, or perhaps above a certain age, there was a time when we didn’t carry computers on our hips. When we watched t.v., there was snow and fuzzy reception. Antennas had to be twisted after a storm or to pick-up certain stations. Instant replay wasn’t invented so we could admire the artistry of the swing or replay the magical putt from 45 feet. Replay was born out of desperation: We needed to see everything twice to make up for the blurry image the cathode tube produced. HD television means never having to ask “did his feet land in bounds?”

And if you wanted a crystal clear image of nature, you had to go outside.

If you are of that certain age, you spent a good bit of your time outside because sitting inside for too long often resulted in holding the stupid end of…

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No, Fair Systems are Not Fair

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Another week in the world of education, and another teenager, Ms Suzy Lee Weiss, has gone through the epiphany after several university rejections that university admissions systems are not fair. Well, no crap Sherlock.

Yes, yes, her writing is satire. Yes, it’s tongue-in-cheek and self-deprecating; she’s got so much wit and cleverness that she’ll go far…yada yada yada yawn. That she’s smart enough to write a piece of social commentary and not appear stupid on television isn’t really that amazing. There are many teenagers, all across the world, at many different ages, who are capable of the same things. It’s not a magic Midas touch, it’s simply a matter of temperament. Yes, she’s clever, but she really shouldn’t be afforded some special attention just because she’s pointed out what most people have known for ages:

Fair systems are not really fair.

Actually, I can’t think of a system that

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Online surveys – earn at home?

Online surveysPaid surveys are that survey which is said to be offered by a company concerning their own products which ask people from the general public to give a considered opinion about that company product. There are said to be usually a cash payment offered for this but there may be other rewards such as vouchers, or it can be both cash and vouchers for the company products. Typically in a survey, the company would want to identify what is liked and what is disliked about the product that is with the use of a form of questionnaire which asks for preferences or ratings.

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A harsh reality

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We need to find a job in order to meet the demand of life. This world is a bit harsh since jobs are not easy to find. Even if an individual does not want to be idle but at times they stay unproductive because they have no choice since jobs are not readily available. They are forced to stay at home. It is now a great solution to earn money online so that they will have a stable income. Answering online surveys can now provide individuals the fund they need to get by each day.